Employment scams
and safety

Our online directory exists in part to make queer talent visible to potential employers. Unfortunately, this also means Queer Design Club members who appear in our directory may be visible to scammers targeting potential job seekers.

This is not unique to Queer Design Club. These  scams are increasingly common on all platforms where people might be looking for work. But queer people are often especially economically vulnerable, so we want members to be alert and stay safe. 

Please note: we are not lawyers and even if we were, this wouldn’t be personal legal or financial advice. We hope these tips and resources help you protect yourself, but if you’re in a position to seek out expert advice, you should do so.

Recruitment Scams

There are many types of scams that target job seekers. Some scams are designed to steal money from you while others are trying to get your personal information. Some may even have you unknowingly engage in illegal activities like re-shipping stolen goods. And all this is in addition to old fashioned multi-level marketing schemes. 

Identifying scams

Scammers are constantly looking for new ways to get your personal information and money. Look out for: 

If you’re presented with an opportunity that seems too good to be true: 

If you’re the target of a scam

First, don’t blame yourself! These scams work because the people behind them have lots of practice! Most of us have to go through the process of looking for work, and it’s stressful. Scammers know that stress affects our judgment. It’s not just you. 

You may want to consider taking the following steps: 

Let your professional community know. Don’t let embarrassment prevent you from letting other potential targets know about these scams or asking for help rebounding if you need it! 

Keep designing and shining. 

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